Overview of the Data Release Guidelines

The ASAP data collected by The Common Pool, LLC, (hereinafter “TCP”) represent a valuable source of information, and requests for data from qualified requesters will be given serious consideration. The data are the property of the state departments of education and the vendors who provided it. As such, requests for data will be evaluated with careful consideration, and the College Board reserves the right to deny any request that it deems an inappropriate use of its data.

ASAP data may be used only for the purposes specified in the publication Guidelines for the Release of ASAP Data (hereinafter “Guidelines”) and the data license agreement between the requester and TCP.

In order to protect the confidentiality, data with individual student, school, district, state department of education, and vendor identifying information is not included in this release of data.

TCP will give priority to requests from state departments of education and vendors who participated in ASAP.…